Clínica Dental Platja D’aro

A warm welcome to our clinic

The dental clinic in Platja d’Aro CESADEN is one of the largest national centers specialized in oral rehabilitation.

We have a surface of more than 1,000 m², with 6 dental cabinets, 1 main operating room, a radiological image department, two waiting rooms, a computer accounting department, a management and human resources department and a library. We also have a clinical research department. We believe that clinical research is very important and that is why we anticipate many of the new techniques that appear in the market.

Meet our team

Mr. Iban Llistosella Vindel

Dental advisor

Ms. Laia Llistosella Vindel

Dental advisor

Mr. Oliver Vindel Rodríguez

Quality technician

Dentista Girona

About our dental clinic

We are pioneers in complex and innovative treatments such as zygomatic implants, invisible orthodontics and removable braces.

The enormous demand for quality dental care and humane treatment, highlighting above all the humane treatment, everything and understanding the current needs of our society, was what led to found the clinic CESADEN in one of the best places of the Costa Brava, PLATJA D’ARO; Moving away from the crowd and the stress of the city to be able to offer our best level personally and in the quality of the work.

The activity of our clinic is based on four areas that are our fundamental pillars of action:

The clinic


Continuous training

Social projects

Our service is comprehensive

and covers the full range of dental specialties in one clinic:

Surgery and Implantology

We rehabilitate the entire mouth with artificial teeth in 24 hours.


Brackets, invisible orthodontics and removable brackets.


Kill nerves, treatment of canal root.


We solve pyorrhea, gingivitis, dental calculus…

Pediatric Dentistry

Dentistry applied to children.


Treatment for the lack of teeth.

higiene dental

Dental aesthetics

We improve your smile


Problems of the jaw joint.

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