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Dental tourism is the process of traveling abroad in order to obtain the best results in dental treatments at much more acceptable prices than in your country of origin.

It has become very popular and every day more and more people take advantage of their holidays or business trips to book an appointment at the dentist clinic.

For that reason CESADEN dental tourism offers restorative dentistry as well as aesthetic and surgical treatments, dental implants as well as oral rehabilitations done by highly qualified professionals. We are leaders in Dental Mundial services offering the highest international standards due to the fact that we implement the most advanced hygiene measures as well as techniques and technology that assure a safe and professional service.

Nowadays patients are more and more demanding, they are better informed and look for the best professionals. Moreover, they opt for travelling in order to obtain the best treatments. This is why CESADEN boasts wide experience as regards Dental Tourism. Many of our regular patients come from Europe, the USA and Asia.

For many patients Dental Tourism is the only chance to obtain the necessary treatment as well as a good quality one. On one hand, low prices as compared with their home country are the main reason why they travel abroad. On the other hand, many of these patients wish to obtain exclusive and specialised medical care, immediate availability, short waiting time and, quite often, they also look for the availability of certain treatments that cannot be obtained in their home country. And, most importantly, they have a chance to travel. Here one can enjoy one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe: Costa Brava. CESADEN has it all!

Destination Costa Brava

CESADEN Dental Tourism has a team working exclusively with Dental Tourism patients. Our staffs is highly qualified in order to offer you confidence and safety while on the Costa Brava. You will be welcomed by professionals speaking your language and will receive the entire necessary dental care as well as tourist guidance.

Thanks to our privileged geographical location in Platja d’Aro, right in the heart of the Costa Brava and close to the Girona – Costa Brava airport many of our patients take advantage of Dental Tourism. We offer a wide range of possibilities to suit your needs.

The majority of our Dental Tourism patients come from Europe: Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany, Italy, France, Russia, but also the USA, Arab Emirates and Japan.

In CESADEN we are the third generation in a family of dentists with more than 80 years in the dental services. We specialise in implantology and rehabilitations of the whole oral cavity. We are a recommended clinic worldwide.

Thus, due to the treatment requirements and patient’s needs we have drawn up and extensive and exclusive work procedure that allows us to:

  • Carry out low-impact surgery.
  • In only one visit carry out complex dental treatments that would otherwise require various interventions.
  • Reduce the working time and the waiting time between appointments.

The afore-mentioned is possible due to the fact that we have the means and the staff. Thanks to our big premises we have an operating room. We also have a VIP lounge and mini bar and security services for the patients that require them.

Your case will be analysed by our team of experts in different fields in order to offer the best solution available. In short, our clinic CESADEN offers both a big group of professionals and the most advanced knowledge and technology.

Discover Costa Brava

Holidays in Platja d’Aro: smile!

Dental tourism in Platja d’Aro: a perfect combination all year round.

Platja d’Aro, widely known all over Europe, has always been regarded as the high-quality tourist destination. Its mild climate, privileged location between the sea and the mountains and its famous cuisine have enchanted the world and have transformed it into one of the major and most desired destinations on the Mediterranean coast.

Platja d’Aro has been granted tourist quality certificates for the management of its beaches and coves as well as for the tourist management. Modernity and cosmopolitan atmosphere achieved by the big number of shops and the wide range of night entertainment and free times activities get along with elegance. Platja d’Aro is the place where the famous coastal path (Camí de Ronda) demonstrates the harmony of its architectural setup.

This dynamics and beauty that we can cherish all year round is maintained daily thanks to the number of scheduled activities as well as the tourists who visit us on daily basis. All these make Platja d’Aro update continuously.

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