Cesaden Dental treatments

Our dental service is comprehensive and covers the entire range of dental specialties in a single clinic:

Surgery and implantology, orthodontics, periodontics, endodontics, conservative dentistry, pediatric dentistry, prosthetics and dental aesthetics.
At the CESADEN clinic, we are pioneers in complex and innovative treatments. Among our many services we can highlight zygomatic implants, invisible orthodontics and removable braces.

Dental treatments

  • All
  • Conscious sedation
  • Dental Aesthetics
  • Emergency Service
  • Oral surgery and implantology
  • Orthodontics
  • TMJ

Dental extractions

Dental extractions are the last resort, since we try to keep natural teeth whenever possible.

Computer-assisted surgery

This allows the creation of an accurate surgical template to place the implants as well as for greater security.

Dental implants

The dental implant is intended to replace a lost tooth. It is an artificial substitute of the root of a tooth and will support…

Teeth in a day/Immediate loading

Placing dentures the same day it is placed implants

All on four

New implant treatment suitable for all those who suffer from a total or partial loss of teeth or have a badly damaged bone or…

Zigomatic implants

Alternative treatment for patients with atrophic jaws, resorption of the jawbone, jaw imperfections or in case of a loss of an implant.

Invisible orthodontics

This system allows to correct and modify the position of the teeth with invisible aligners custom designed and manufactured to ensure maximum effectiveness and…

Orthodontics Braces

We use braces. The brackets are placed on the outside of the tooth and there are different types of materials.

SAR Removable braces

It is the only permanent treatment system that offers unique ‘put in’ and ‘take out’ arches and braces. SAR can treat all types of…

Teeth whitening

Thanks to the latest technology in teeth whitening systems having a white smile is easy. An easy process with quick and stunning results!

Dental veneers

They are a cosmetic solution that provides quick and great results to mask anomalies in the colour, shape and / or size of the…

Conscious sedation

Ideal for patients with anxiety or fear of dental treatment. The patient will be relaxed and stress free.


It’s a structure of our body in charge of chewing, swallowing as well as phonation and it must be perfectly synchronised and have stability…

24/7 Dental Emergency services

We are fully aware of the importance of receiving the right service. We also know that dental emergency don’t respect timetables or calendars.

Call us from 10AM to 8PM at 972 81 87 66, e-mail us at info@cesaden.com or fill our contact form

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