Dental implants

beneficios de los Implantes dentales

The lack of a tooth as a result of the natural process of ageing, decay, periodontal problems or trauma can have an aesthetic or functional impact and, in the long run, can become a health problem.

A nice smile has a considerable impact on our appearance and in our daily lives therefore our low self-esteem can affect our personal and professional relationships.

For example, one can stop enjoying a certain type of food or feel insecure in their social relations by avoiding to smile or show their teeth too much.

The dental implant is intended to replace a lost tooth. It is an artificial substitute of the root of a tooth and will support the dental crowns.

Dental implants

Advantages of implants

  1. They are the best solution in case one, a few or all teeth are to be replaced.
  2. They are made of titanium, a biocompatible material that allows for correct integration with the bone and prevents rejection by the human body.
  3. Immediate procedure of oral surgery with which you can smile at the moment.
  4. High stability due to the fact that they are crowned to the bone.
  5. Durability over the years. As long as you take care of them, assure proper oral hygiene and regular check-ups the implants are a lasting solution.
  6. The placement is done quickly in a low -impact surgery and almost with no pain at all.
  7. They do not affect adjacent teeth (unlike bridges or removable prosthesis).
  8. The success rate is close to 100%.
  9. They preserve the bone because it stimulates it and prevents the loss of the bone in the long term.
  10. Comfort. In a few days you will forget about the implant and will not even realise you have it!

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