Computer-assisted surgery

Computer-guided surgery is a very useful, practical and quick tool for surgical implants.

It is applied to the patient when there are two, three, four or more dental pieces that have to be replaced. It is a surgery totally guided by computer. First, a computed tomography scan, or CAT scan, is performed on the patient’s mouth.

With this guided surgery, before the intervention, the prosthesis is placed first in a virtual way on the computer.

When the patient’s study data is already available, introduced by the expert dentist, the corresponding reconstructions are generated and a simulated operation is performed. Then, the scanner sends the results directly to the computer program. This places the exact place where the prosthesis must be placed to the patient and from here it is transmitted to a milling machine that builds a surgical splint.

This dental surgery by computer is completed when the specialist dentists of the Dental Clinic Cesaden put the prosthesis in the mouth of the patient, exactly in the same place where it has been marked by the computer. At the moment, they are provisional prostheses that will be replaced later by definitive ones.

It is a process that is applied to patients who want the prosthesis to be placed as quickly as possible. Therefore, this technique is called immediate loading. The fact that it is a computerized process allows the surgery to be very short and that the discomfort be reduced to a minimum.

Computer-guided surgery, more efficient, better planning, saving time and money

Computer-guided surgery

It can be visualized how the implants and the prosthesis placed before starting will remain.

The end result is a more efficient procedure with a streamlined workflow that helps save time and money.

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