Oral surgery and implantology

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Oral surgery

The oral surgery performed at Cesaden Dental Clinic, through the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of oral pathologies of our patients, solves all the problems that arise in the oral cavity

Whether the tooth extraction or remains of cysts or tumors, traction or fenestration of impacted teeth, wisdom teeth, the labial cords; and improves the prosthesis in terms of placement, pain or oral infection.

This oral surgery is another specialization of Cesaden, which uses the most advanced dental techniques, since they require an exquisite manual work, with the total guarantee of success against diseases, defects and traumatisms of the entire cavity oral.

It is a much broader treatment of maxillofacial surgery that does not include the simple dentistry because it is much more complex and difficult, so you have to master the oral and dental surgery techniques.


Implantology has turned the whole world of modern dentistry in our country in recent years. This is the best treatment to solve the lack or loss of teeth.

It is one of the techniques that have advanced the most. Unlike conventional dentures, dental implantology helps with much more stable fixings to make the implant prosthesis more balanced and reliable, since it does not move when it is fixed to the pacient’s maxilla.

This achieves a perfect imitation of the aesthetics of the denture itself and the natural properties of the teeth. It also improves the physical appearance of the patient without any kind of discomfort and you do not have to worry about anything when you smile, talk or eat.

The implantology not only solves the aesthetic problem, but also avoids affectations that are associated, such as headaches, neck and shoulders pain, or the wear of the pieces that remain.

Surgery and implantology services

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