Llistosella Foundation

CESADEN is not only a dental clinic. The person is the most important for us and, within our field, we want to make a contribution to the society. Therefore we created the Llistosella Foundation and Welfare organisation. As part of our activities we offer our services to people with no incomes and we organise talks to diverse socials groups, for example the elderly. The social needs are a very important issue for us and we can’t and don’t want to shun it due to the fact that for us the human contact is fundamental and of utmost importance.

The Llistosella Foundation was created in 1985 as a non-profit organisation and its primary objective was to participate in spreading dental health and prevention among citizens.

The Llistosella Foundation, which carries out its activities in Catalonia, a country where CESADEN is located, tries to become a point of reference and encounter for all the institutions and professionals that work for the improvement of dental health in all social spheres.

Our five areas of action


Boost investigation in dentistry by developing new techniques, products and materials in odontostomatology.


Free dental services to the most badly-affected social groups.


Prevention by promoting dental hygiene habits among children and teenagers.


Continuous training for dentists by means of training courses.


Continuous improvement in the quality of customer service by offering the most modern dentist services and support for dentist by means of clinical training in diagnosis, treatment and customer service.

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Promotion of dental hygiene and dental health prevention

One of the main objectives of Llistosella Foundation is the promotion and training in the area of adequate dental hygiene among children and adults. It is vital to make adults aware of the importance of certain rules and habits with regard to the protection of their teeth as they are the ones who are to raise awareness among children. This is a task that we all should take part in: parents, schools and the Llistosella Foundation. Qualified staff teaches children and adults what the basic and essential rules to keep their teeth healthy and strong are.

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