Periodontics deals with illnesses that affect the gums and tissue that holds the teeth. The illness is called gingivitis in its primary and mild state, and with time, if no treatment has been offered, the periodontal illness or periodontitis can appear.

Periodontics against gingivitis and periodontitis

Gingivitis is the inflammation of the gums. This illness does not affect the bone that surrounds the teeth. The bacteria layer causes it. There is a clear link between the plaque and the severity of gingivitis.

Periodontal disease is characterised by progressive destruction of the tissues that surround the roots of the teeth. It is an infectious disease caused by bacteria that can be found under gums and create the so-called periodontal pouches, which cannot be accessed using the everyday hygiene techniques. If it is not dealt with early enough, it can lead to a complete loss of teeth.


What is the gum?

The gum is specialized tissue surrounding the teeth and covering the bone that remains in place. If the gums are healthy teeth are firmly subject and allow its proper chewing function, protecting the body from infections and attacks that can come through the mouth. Gums healthy teeth adapted to stably scalloped and has a light pink colour, and in no case should not bleed.

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