Each tooth has a particular and individual anatomy that needs an advanced and specialized diagnosis and treatment. Our specialty is dedicated to preserving their teeth whenever possible. Discover a new experience with your endodoncist.

What is an endodontics?

Endodontics is aimed at eliminating the infected dental pulp (the nerve) which is located in the roots of the tooth in order to preserve the tooth and its chewing function as, if it cannot be saved, the only solution will be tooth removal.

How is it done?

It is a treatment, which entails local anaesthesia and a series of X-rays done beforehand, during and after the treatment. Its aim is not only to remove the dental pulp, but also disinfect the canals where it runs and a possible obstruction of these canals afterwards in order to avoid another infection.

This treatment can be done in one or more visits and when each of them is done, a temporary obstruction (filling) will be placed and will finally be substituted with a permanent one. It is possible that due to the vast destruction that the tooth might have undergone, a crown will have to be placed.

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