Dental hygiene

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Dental hygiene is a procedure whose objective is to eliminate bacterial film and calculus gathered in the gums, both of which are sometimes visible, but most often it is the dentist who detects them.

The process takes from 45 to 60 minutes and its aim is to thoroughly eliminate the calculus and the bacterial film. Fluoridation will also be done in order to prevent cavities.

The latter eliminates the bacterial film and the germs so, as a result, we don’t only prevent dental problems and cavities, but also boast fresh breath and healthy gums.

Our hygienists will inform you about the toothpaste you ought to use and about the measures you should take in order to keep your mouth in a healthy state.

They will also give you recommendations regarding your problems and will also inform you about the frequency with which the dental hygiene should repeated. Normally it ought to be repeated after 6 months or one year.

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