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The CESADEN Platja d’Aro dental clinic
"The time, knowledge, inspiration and the right choices that a new smile requires are those that gather until they create it, i.e. as long as I have lived, all that I have learnt till then and all that I have experienced up to this moment."

The CESADEN Platja d’Aro dental clinic
Dr. Ramon Llistosella Vindel 

Monday, Tuesday and Friday
10:00 to 13:00 and 17:00 to 20:00
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C/ Gaziel 4 17250 Platja d'Aro (Girona)


The CESADEN Platja d’Aro dental clinic is much more than just a dental practice. It is a dental health centre with all types of disciplines and specialities. Here dentistry is not a job, it is a passion.
CESADEN is represented by a family of three generations of dentists who are a model for others in the same field at the national level.  We have been offering dental services for over 80 years and have gathered valuable experience throughout this time. Moreover, our clinic is a dynamic place with continuous training and the use of the most innovative and effective technology available on the market.


The three basic pillars: experience, continuous training and technology are indispensable in order to achieve excellent results.

Dental health

Nevertheless, we are talking about dental health; we treat patients, not clients. Therefore, in order to obtain remarkable results, our primary aim is to offer unique and personalised assistance to each of our patients.
CESADEN is located in a privileged area in a town called Platja d’Aro, in the heart of Costa Brava close to the sea and the mountains. This ideal location, away from the crowds and the hustle and bustle of the city, gives us a chance to offer high quality assistance and services.


Our centre boasts 1000 m2 dedicated to dentistry. The clinic comprises six boxes, one surgery box equipped with general anaesthesia, an X-ray department with a digital panoramic x-ray and radiovisiography, a sterilization department, two waiting rooms (one of them VIP), a management department, an IT and Human Resources department a well as a library. There also is an investigation area where we test new technologies that have appeared on the market and improve their functionality.


Our complex services cover a wide variety of dental treatments in just one centre: surgery and implantology, orthodontics, endodontics, periodontics, paediatric dentistry, prostheses and dental aesthetics. The commitment of our professionals and excellent rapport between them has transformed our clinic into a leader in dentistry in Spain. Moreover, we are one of the biggest dental rehabilitation centres in the country with over 5000 patients a year.

Surgery and Implantology

Our Surgery and Implantology department comprises a great team of professionals with a broad educational background and experience. Dr Ramon Llistosella, the director of the clinic and head of the Surgery and Implantology department, studied with the widely- known Dr Per-Ingvar Branamark, the master of implantology and the one who actually discovered implants. Dr Llistosella was part of his team for several years. Their job was to rehabilitate people with missing teeth as well as those with oral mutilations. All this helped us create a team with extensive training and experience in traditional implants, immediate loading and teeth fixed in just one day, as well as in computer-guided surgery. We also deal with the most complicated cases such as patients with advanced bone atrophy, i.e. patients with a big piece of bone missing. In such cases it is impossible to fix an implant in a traditional way.


Our orthodontics department not only positions teeth, they also prevent and treat dental malposition and deformation of maxillae. In dentistry, like in any other branch of medicine, it’s not only about the treatment, but also about the diagnosis and prevention of a bone or dental problem in order to avoid deterioration or loss of dental health in the future. We solve any type of problems such as malocclusion, dental crowding or abnormal occlusal relationships using a variety of fixed or removable dental devices (metal or aesthetic braces, removable braces, Geniova, invisible orthodontics, resin devices with springs, orthodontic expanders, etc.). Moreover, our aim is to carry out these treatments as quickly as possible.


As we have already mentioned, prevention is crucial in medicine. All our efforts are directed at the prevention and treatment of dental diseases to make sure our patients cherish a healthy life. Thus, the departments of Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics as well as Preventive Dentistry and Periodontics are of great importance.

We take care of our patients’ teeth with a thorough examination where we do prevention of caries and we treat with fillings and fissures sealing all those who require it. If the problem is more serious and caries affect the pulp (nerve), we do our best to avoid tooth removal. In such cases we carry out the root canal treatment using the most technologically advanced devices available on the market in order to obtain the best results and preserve the tooth.

Preventive Dentistry and Periodontics

In Preventive Dentistry and Periodontics we look after our patients’ gums. Our thoroughly trained team will professionally remove dental plaque as well as calculus accumulated on the teeth and under the gums. They will also decide what type of prevention and treatment should be undertaken in each case. Patients with no periodontal pathology will require a simple dental prophylaxis whereas in other cases more complex treatments such as dental curettage, scaling and root planing or even periodontal surgery might be required. All these methods help us obtain spectacular results and significantly improve the dental health of our patients. Our team will advise you with regard to the frequency of check-ups and subsequent appointments.

Unfortunately, there are patients who have lost a significant number of teeth or their dental health is degraded. Our experts in dental prostheses will do their best to help them. The team comprises various experts including a prosthodontist, a dentist specialising in dental aesthetics, a dental technician, a person in charge of metal frame dentures and a dental ceramist. All these professionals will study each case in detail and will ensure perfect functioning and aesthetics of the prosthesis. They will analyse the remaining teeth, the soft tissue (gums, lips, cheeks, tongue, etc.) as well as the facial harmony, which are crucial in order to obtain the smile that we all crave for. Good teamwork is a must when striving for the best results. Due to the fact that all of these professionals are based in the same building and that they have been working together for years, they understand each other very well.

Biological dentistry

What is more, they use the most advanced techniques and technologies available on the market including biological dentistry and the most biocompatible materials. The team’s main objectives are: balance, symmetry and harmony. And, as the very Leonardo Da Vinci stated, they are essential when seeking an aesthetic smile. Remember: 50% of your facial aesthetics depends on your smile.

The most important for Cesaden Dental Clinic

As we have mentioned before, in CESADEN the individual is of utmost importance, therefore we created the Llistosella Foundation and Welfare Organisation. Its main aim is to offer our services to people with no incomes as well as to promote dental health among the most disadvantaged groups of the society.
Since the dental health of each individual is of great importance to us, we offer a 24/7 emergency service 365 days a year to ensure coverage at all times.

Recognition of our patients

The size of our facilities, the timetables, the training and experience, the reliability and commitment, the services, the quality, the warranties and technology as well as the post-treatment service- all these give us a chance to adapt to the needs of every patient and do our best in every case ensuring personalised and high quality service that each person requires.
All this would be worthless if it wasn’t for our patients who support us every day and who, by word of mouth, recommend our services. These are whole families, whole generations of patients who come to our clinic because their dental health is of great importance to them. Thank you for your trust. In CESADEN we keep on working for you.